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Are you worried about your flood risk? Are you looking for ways to provide flood protection for your home or business?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, then property level flood protection technologies could help you become more resilient to flooding. This website provides free, impartial guidance to help you take steps toward installing the correct flood protection and flood resilience measures.

Six steps to flood resilience

The guidance document – Six Steps to Flood Resilience: Guidance for property owners – was developed by a team of researchers at the Building Research Establishment, the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. It is of specific use to property owners who are concerned regarding their ability to protect themselves from flooding , who want to be prepared for the threat of flooding, or who wish to reduce the impacts of a flood event.

The guidance provides a step-by-step guide to the purchase, installation and use of property-level technologies. This includes advice for the initial surveying of properties, help to identify measures that are most appropriate for your individual circumstances, and information regarding the long-term maintenance and operation of protective devices. The guidance also includes comprehensive links to sources of further information and to other useful websites.

The guidance for property owners is supported by a more detailed guidance document specifically designed for use by local authorities and others responsible for civil protection.

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The guidance has been endorsed by the National Flood Forum, the Association of British Insurers, Defra, the Environment Agency, the Flood Protection Association, and the Local Government Association and was produced through the EUFP7 funded SMARTeST Project (further details: www.floodresilience.eu and www.tech.floodresilience.eu)